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Anti-aging facial deep layer care, rejuvenating skin; Exclusive whitening formula, pure natural plant stem cell care , appease the skin and strengthening the skin resistance . Create a baby likes skin and flesh.


Eye Treatment

Puffiness, granulation, dark circles. The eyes are the windows to the soul and it was the places where aging and problems start . How to message the eyes , how to eliminate the eyes wrinkles? EE Beauty Wellness uses the latest massage techniques with botanical aromatic essential oils to destress the muscles . Say no to pouch, eye bag , wrinkles and skin problems .


EE Beauty Wellness helps you restore your beautiful eyes.


Neck Treatment

The neck is an outward reflection of a womans age. EE Beauty Wellness is the pioneer to adopt radiofrequency neck care,  use pure natural moisturizing plant and firming skin , accelerate blood circulation, delaying skin aging, reduce skin wrinkles.


Hair Removal

We use the latest methods and technologies , specified for different body parts for cleaning, maintaining . Lets the beauty Rejuvenate this summer !

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